Create The Perfect Keto Diet Plan For Beginners

Everyone knows that meal prepping and planning will ensure the success of any diet or regimen. What people fail to realize is that there is more to a plan than just what to eat. In this article we will discuss all the elements that contribute to the perfect Keto Diet Plan and how, you, as a beginner, can take control of your weight loss and health performance.

Keto Diet Plan For Beginners

Before You Create The Perfect Keto Diet Plan

Wean Yourself Off The Carbs

Cutting carbs cold turkey is not only miserable and shocking to your body, but it’s also not setting yourself up mentally for a successful lifestyle change. In my first three weeks of “going Keto,” my nutritionist advised me to log my food.

1. Log your food as you normally eat for 1 week.

  • By taking a snapshot of your existing food habits for the week you have a base line of data that will help you recognize your deficits. Do you eat too many carbs? Too little calories? Not enough water? All of this data makes your keto diet plan unique to your body and what it needs to kick start a healthy transition into keto way of eating.

A Beginner to Keto Needs to Plan Their Diet & Macros

food log keto diet

2. Focus on Your Crabs Macros FIRST:

  • After Logging your week of normal food intake you should have a pretty good idea on how many carbs per day you are eating. If you don’t know how to calculate carbs, I highly recommend getting the Carb Manager App (free or paid is up to you). Carb Manager will calculate your macros and keep a running log of your food intake.
  • Once you have identified about how many carbs your eat daily, 1/2 your carb intake for one week. Example: If you eat 100 grams of carbs per day, your goal for the week is to eat 50 grams of carbs per day.

3. Repeat Step Two Until You get to Your Ideal Carb Count.

  • I feel like this is self-explanatory. Once you have calculated your ideal macros through carb manager, or the carb calculator on this website, You’ll need to half your carb intake each week until you meet your carb goals.

4. STILL HUNGRY? Focus on Protein & Fat.

  • So, You have now halfed your carbs and halfed again- and again- but yours still hungry and your feeling like you have the flu. To prevent flu like symptoms and not eating enough calories you need to focus on the fats and proteins throughout your day. As mentioned before, if you have Carb Manager, all of your macros will be set for you and you’ll be able to log your activity and food intake in one central location. It is very important not to go over the protein allowance and use your fat allowance as a leverage,
  • If your app tells you to eat 200 grams of fat but you simply can’t because you’re full- THAT’s OKAY. Don’t eat unless you are hungry. Fat is there to satiate hunger and provide a source of energy. Just remember that Your fat intake should always be higher than protein. Otherwise, your bod will look to using protein in your muscle mass to burn calories.

Create New Habits Within Your Diet Plan

Creating New Habits is The Hardest Part Because Most of Our Food Habits Took Years to Develop.

  1. Just as food habits become a subconscious action we do, we must make a conscious effort each time to correct that habit. Find a way to identify your cue one a bad eating habit.
  1. Example: I learned that at 1pm every day I got tired and looked to find cookies or crackers. I was looking for carbs to stay awake. My food log helped me identify the time of day and what I was eating on those days to help me identify why I was crashing in the afternoon. For me, I was eating too many carbs in the morning and not enough consistently throughout the day. So instead of loading up on my 7g of carbs on keto pancakes in the AM, I decided to start my day with a 3g carb protein smoothie and each meal consists of 3-5 grams to avoid the 1 o’clock slump.3. We usually don’t know what is causing the habit.

    1. Once we can identify the cause of the habit through our data collection, we can then create new cues and substitutes to consciously change our actions.
    2. Take my cookie example. I knew that I was looking for an energy boost and even on days when I consciously made a smoothie to prevent physical tiredness, my habit still lingered to look for a habit. It happened every time my 1 o’clock alarm went off for baby’s nap time. So every day at 12:45 I set an alarm to prepare myself to consciously change my action at 1pm.
    3. Instead of walking straight down the stairs from baby’s room after putting him down for nap, I consciously prepared to have a 5 gram snack ready at the table by my laptop where I could snack and work to distract myself from feeling tired.
    4. I naturally made a system of cue, action, and reward to change my habit. The reward? enjoying a lower carb snack and feeling productive after busting out some computer work.

  2. To understand the habits needed to change your way of eating, I highly suggest any beginner find the book, “The Power of Habit.” It’s an in depth explanation on what a habit is and how to change it. This book is extremely eye-opening for anyone that wants to make a true commitment to lifestyle changes.

Celebrate EVERY Success That Comes from Your Keto Diet Plan

This goes back to the reward in your habits. Find ways to reward yourself for every milestone, every good day, every changed habit. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant (and please not food related).

I personally love my FitBit for this. It is a tool that tracks my activity and goals along with my macros. Every new milestone I reach or challenge that I accomplish, I receive a little badge to my profile with a celebratory buzz that congratulates me. It doesn’t work for all, but for me, it’s fun and something that keeps my spirits up when I’m struggling to get through my steps.

Every Beginner Needs The Perfect Keto Diet Plan

Every Beginner needs a plan, especially in regard to Keto way of eating. It is essential to remove as many obstacles as you can before they happen by planning. Plan your meals, exercise days, schedule intentional time each day to reach your goal and before you know it, you will be a full fledged Keto Kid!

Lets Ketooooo!

-Rachel H.

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  1. Nice topic Rachel, I have heard about the keto diet but I have never tried it because I didn’t have clear information about the keto diet and thank for the information. I have tried gm diet and it harder to follow the diet, I think I need to give a try for the keto diet and I hope that the keto diet may give better results.

    Thank you for sharing the information.

    1. I’m so happy you’re willing to give it a try. Let me know how I can help you along your journey 🙂

  2. Wooo thank you for the brilliant idea of taking snap shots to keep track and then regulate! I will follow that rule before and after to keep my food quantities under control. 

    Yes I can tell carbs are the culprit in the everyday diet of most overweight people.

    This article of yours is going to make a difference thank you!


    Bush Lady.

    1. I am SO HAPPY to hear this 🙂 It’s truly my mission to get people to relly understand their health and have control of it!

  3. Hi Rachel Scotty B here ♫
    I am interested in your site for two reasons. I have a Health site myself on Heart Disease. Am incorporating the Keto diet as an included tab although just a draft at the moment. Also, I am offering comments here that you will see in W.A.. When we go through trials as you and I have we are just naturally interested in finding out what will help us. THEN ! We can help others thru our findings…………….Scotty B Scottyb2good in W.A. 

    1. Scotty,

      That is fantastic to hear that you are tackling the “un”health epidemic as well! I am very interested in learning more about the cardiovascular perspective in all of this. Let’s connect and cheer each other on!

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