MCT Oil Benefits to Weightloss

As a long time Ketoer, I have come to understand that Ketogenic diets can be very restrictive and that not all ingredients are created equal. Specifically, a ketoer needs to be very mindful of the source of fats they ingest. Obviously, with fat ingestion, one will want to monitor and reduce the risk of high cholesterol. The best way to do this is to avoid animals fats and “bad fats” and look for fats that are easily digestible AKA MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides. In this article, I will discuss what MCT oil is, the benefits that naturally come from MCT Oils and How to implement it into your Keto lifestyle.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil stands for Medium-chain Triglycerides. In short, a triglyceride is a molecule that helps carry fats. A medium chain simply refers to the length of the molecule. The longer the chain of molecules, the longer it takes the body to break down and process that fat. A medium chain is ideal because it is long enough to sustain energy for the body, but short enough to process efficiently before the body stores any of the extra fat. MCT Oil is synthetically compiled into purified fats typically from palm oils and coconut oils.

MCT Oil Benefit #1


The largest benefit in MCT Oil is the role it plays in weight loss. MCT Oil has been proven to offer efficient and rapid weight loss by creating ketones in the body. Ketones are essentially molecules that will increase your metabolic production. Your metabolism will naturally increase and cause more rapid weight loss. Specifically,

MCT oils with C8 and C10 have shown to improve the burning of calories after ingesting the MCT oil. MCT Oil can effect weight loss on any regimen, however in keto specifically, added ketones will help the body stay in ketosis and efficiently burn calories even when falling out of ketosis.

MCT Oil Benefit #2


Suppressing hunger is more effective than most people realize. In today’s society, many people over indulge and eat empty calories in their coffees, juices, sodas, etc. Without realizing that their caloric intake for the day is like in that ONE beverage. Hunger suppressants are helpful during the time in your lifestyle changes where your new regimen and actions haven’t become consistent habits yet.

The added fat in MCT oil will chemically satiate the body of hunger for longer and offer a source of energy from fat rather than carbs. When you become fat adapted on keto, MCT Oil will be an essential part in your day in regard to sustaining enough energy from fat and burning the fat that you don’t need to store.

MCT Oil Benefit #3


Your body breaks down MCT oil fast that fatty foods. This aids in digestion specific to the ketogenic way of eating. The ketogenic diet, because of high fat and moderate protein intake can lead to chronic constipation. It is essential to offer your body as much fiber and water as possible to avoid this issue. MCT oil and its added fat that metabolizes quickly can actually be used as a stool softener essentially, which make your tummy issues much more bearable.

MCT Oil Benefit #4


MCT Oil benefits the brain too! Your brain is an organ that requires lots of energy from fats. The oil will turn into ketones within minutes, which offers your brain a source of immediate energy. If you notice a time of day, where you feel fatigues and groggy, it’d be best to plan your daily dosage of MCT oily around that time.

Higher focus and concentration for your brain has shown to effect other aspects of your day. When you have mental clarity, you tend to be more productive, more intentional, and more focused.

Additionally, energy from MCT oilcan help with curbing distractability. The quick digestion of the fats from this product can offer short spurts of energy to keep your brain refocused and offer easier multitasking.

The fats from MCT oil also offers as insulators to neuro activity and new thinking patterns that require nourishment while they establish new patterns and growth during the learning process. HINT the same process you use for learning is the same process you do to create new habits.

MCT Oil Benefit #5


MCT Oil is great for gut health. Studies show that MCT oil benefits the stomach by helping heal the stomach lining and boosting good bacteria in digestive tracks. This goes into what was mentioned before in the Keto constipation. When you are not regular, your digestive system works over time, it runs out of good bacteria and the irregular movements will actually damage the stomach and intestinal lining.

Your gut health directly affects mood, behaviors, nutritional absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, and organ health. It’s great to pair this oil with a probiotic if you suffer from celiac disease or ulcerative colitis.

MCT Oil Benefit #6


Eventally, your keto lifestyle will evolve into a more athletic lifestyle. Most ketoers begin to feel re energized and healthy. Thereby, they become motivated to physically challenge themselves. From a performance stand point, MCT Oil will help improve stamina. Typically, runners and athletes are told to “carb up” pre workout if the workout is overly strenuous or requires large bursts of energy.

MCT Oil is a sustainable energy source that release slower than a carb will. In fact, a carb will burn out mid marathon for most runners and those runners will pack jelly beans or sugar in their packs for quick boosts.

MCT oil, on the other hand, will sustain energy for longer and will not cause your body to burn out because your body is now trained and looking for excess fat in the body to burn in comparison. I

NOTE: If you are not fat adapted and still carbing people do not try moving to MCT oil cold turkey, it takes a lot of weaning and readjusting of macros for this type of workout to be successful without carbing.

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How Can These MCT Oil Benefits Help You Achieve Weightloss Specifically to Keto?

MCT Oil benefits the Ketoer in every aspect. It is a supplement that can be used for weight loss, gut health, brain power, performance, energy, digestion, etc. Since the ketogenic diet is so restrictive, it is very easy to implement MCT oil into your daily regimen for a boosted energy source. A great way to incorporate this supplement s in your bullet proof coffee or vinegar and oil salad dressing.

I hope this information was helpful to you all and PLEASE comment below with any questions, comments, concerns. I’ll get back to you on your comment as soon as possible.

Lets Ketoooooo!


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